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Envisage Founder Interview: “the disruption has already begun!” b

Name – Kev Johnson

Age – 35

Position – Founder & C.E.O

Q. How did the idea of Team Envisage arrive?
A. I was in Thailand in 2017 having some mobility focused treatment after a bad accident in 2013. There were a lot of athletes from various sports, but the majority were fighters. One day I watched a sparring session, there were two guys (Ali Motamed & Bruno Miranda) that stood out heads and shoulders above anyone else. I was totally captivated, they were so graceful, made the movements look so easy, almost like a ballet. I started a conversation with them, stayed in touch when I left. I then met Ali Motamed in Istanbul for talks and understood that I could make a difference and Envisage was born!

Q. Have you studied martial arts yourself?
A. No. I boxed with friends for a while, bags & pads, little sparring sessions. Looking back it was nuts because we didn’t have any real training, we just put gloves on and fought.

Q. Which areas do you feel you can add value within MMA?
A. We focus on the athletes. More needs to be done for athletes across the board not just in terms of pay. I don’t mean just throwing money at them but make it feasible. Envisage pays a monthly sponsorship payment to our athletes to aid with whatever they need. I have seen in my time involved within MMA that athletes are all too often left out of pocket before & after fights. I think it’s totally wrong that athletes have to pay out for things like visas, medicals etc and don’t get refunded. The athlete is paying to fight with no real financial reward for effort. Living hand to mouth, borrowing money to get to events, to compete, to repay what they borrowed.Training camps, food, 1 on 1 training, not to mention daily living expenses all cost. We truly do engage athletes & our services empower excellence by affording them the essentials.

Q. Do you intend to create partnerships with any brands or companies?
A. Yes absolutely. We don’t have any specific brand or businesses in mind right now, but we are certainly open to listen.

Q. What does it take to be a Team Envisage athlete?
A. Good question. Obviously a decent level in martial arts but with me character usually wins.We look for real fighters, and by that I mean the people who came from nothing with nothing but did it anyway, despite all the odds, despite all the rejections, despite all the naysayers! We look for heart, people that are out to make things happen on purpose with purpose. Those ready to be a part of something bigger than themselves and be ok with that!

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?
A. I wanted to build an innovative company with a great team of people who share the vision in an expanding market. I saw that our offerings set us apart and as a result there is a unique place for us in that market.

Stay tuned -the disruption has already begun!