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Gerald “Hurricane” Harris interview

Name: Gerald “Hurricane” Harris – AKA “Slam King” Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

Record: – 25 – 7

Current organisation:  Bellator

Former organisations – UFC, XFN, XFL, Legacy, IFL, Titan, Shark Fights, and Freestyle Cage Fighting.

Titles: 2x Freestyle Cage Fighting Middleweight Champion.Titan Fighting Middleweight Champion. Shark Fights Middleweight Champion and XFN Super Welterweight Champion.

Q.Is there anything you wish you had done different early in your career?
A.I wish that I had a different manager when I was in the UFC, that guy was a crook and probably got me cut in the first place. Having a Manager you can trust is as important as anything else!

Q.With such rapid growth around the World and vast sums involved, what areas do promotions need to address? For example fair pay for pro athletes.
A.I’m a Bellator fighter, but I do respect all of the organizations. I love what Bellator is doing for the sport, they are paying guys well and these big Tournaments are proving to be a good idea.  The UFC is the Godfather of them all so they will stay at the top until someone poses a big threat. This new PFL Million Dollar tournament is turning heads.  My goal is to keep fighting and feeding my family for as long my body allows.  Bellator treats me great, I’m 0-2 in the organization but I feel as if I am in no danger to lose my job.  I am very excited to compete with them in the future and actually signed a contract today but cannot release the information until they do so first.Exclusive

Q.Many athletes live for the fight night. What areas do you think pro athletes should also focus on from the early stages of their career?
A.Preparation, fight night is just the icing on the cake.  We train a lot more than we compete.

Q.Do you believe that MMA athletes are at a disadvantage compared to other pro athletes in other sports?
A.It’s turned into a shit show at times.  Too many copycats and not enough individuals. I wish that we were respected for our talent and not our mouths. The biggest problem with MMA is that it’s like a temp agency. Being cut is one of the most devastating things you do to a person that has dedicated their life to this sport.  We should have yearly contracts and salaries, flat pay, and smaller rosters.

Q.What is the usual career path of an MMA fighter?
A.Fight until they can’t fight anymore then open a gym or get regular job. I’m currently teaching and own a gym, lol.

Q.Anything else you wish to add?
A.Thanks for having me and I appreciate what you are doing for the sport.  I hope that we cross paths again soon, hopefully at my next fight.